Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well, once again it's that time of the year....the beginning of a new year and along with it comes the inevitable season of making New Year resolutions. we've all made them, from losing weight to quitting smoking to making a cool million dollars, we've all made them and unfailingly time and time again, we have somehow managed to break them. Only a lucky few of us succeed in living up to them. And I am no exception, I've have had my share of them, even though they keep on changing with time. During certain ambitious moments it's been to get my career on track. During certain lovestruck "cupidised" days it has been to get closer to certain cuties from the past. And during moments of utter despair, it's been just to somehow hopefully to make it through the new year. This year i had totally made up my mind not to make one, but just a week into the new year and since people have driven me up the wall asking about it, I've decided to change my mind and now, I'm making one......

"To live life to it's fullest, to take on each day as it comes and to make the most out of it." That was my father's reply to me when I asked him about his new year resolution, some five years back on a sunday morning. At that time I couldn't help thinking that he was trying to take the easy way out, being non-committal and not being goal oriented and that there'd be no guilt pangs involved afterwards. Think about it, the only person who can tell how happy he is with his life is that person himself, right?? But, now I see the sense my father's resolution makes. Becoming involved and fussing over non trivial things that really don't matter in the long run, we lose sense of the bigger picture involved, life as a whole. In the end all of our resolutions are just steps towards the end life to the fullest. So, if anybody asks me about my new year resolution, well here it is , as quoted by my father on a cold January morning in Shimla ; " To live life to it's fullest, to take on each day as it comes and to make the most out of it.".....And on my part I'd also like to make a cool Million bucks. Hey!! Who knows??