Monday, December 24, 2007

Was It Santa In Town Last Night?

"Ho!! Ho!! Ho!!"
- St. Nicholas a.k.a Santa Claus

"There's hoes in tha room, there's hoes in tha car..
There's hoes on stage, there's hoes by tha bar
hos by near, an hos by far"
- Ludacris in "Ho"

Times couldn't have been worse for if it was not enough that every year less and less kids believe in his existence...he's now dealing with the moral police and has to be politically correct. No more use of the "ho" greeting anymore, unless he wants to stand up to the women's rights activists and be accused of following the hip-hop slang and using derogatory terms. I say why stop there?? He shouldn't be allowed to try and make reindeers fly for his up the PETA guys somebody!! And he makes elves do all the work for him..won't that count as exploitation of physically challenged people? Breaking and entering into houses at midnight...not really socially acceptable behaviour there either. And with that huge beard and a weird hat..the CIA will probably ground his sledge under suspicion of engaging in terrorist activities before he flies smack into a high rise...with that kinda getup, who wouldn't suspect him?? A politically and moraly correct Santa shouldn't laugh out loud, change his get up, do all his work himself and buy a jet to do his flying..and as for the gifts, Fed-Ex them or something, he can't go around breaking into our homes right?

So you're wondering what's the point i'm trying to make here...the point is life's complicated enough as it is, and then we go looking for hidden agendas in things like these...agendas that probably never exist. I wish for simpler times...times when christmas was about friends, snowfall, christmas trees and candy. Nobody cared what Santa Claus' laugh sounded like. Simpler times..when I could sing the "Ba ba b***k sheep" rhyme without sounding like a racist. The three blind mice were just that, blind mice...nobody was poking fun at the visually handicapped. I wish people would let Santa be...he's a nice guy, we believed that all these years..let's not change that now. And I wish people would believe in the good,rather than hunt around for the bad.

Merry Christmas everybody !!

Do You Remember Me??

"Nothing can ever be as shocking as life. Except writing."
- Ibn Zerhani

I would like to add confusing, difficult and creative to this list as well. Life's tough..writing about it...tougher.But then I need this, cause these are the little mementoes of thought that I take out from my mind to preserve them here. And it's not like I didn't want to write all the time i've been gone..i've spent nights awake staring at the blinking cursor..but nothing really sprang up that I wanted to write about. Which is probably just as well. I like to write when I feel I need to write, follow my own humours..rather than enquire what the one who's reading wants to read. I write when I feel ther's something in my mind that needs to come out, is required to be shared..when it becomes a necessity I just can't ignore..that's when I write. But then..there's the recall value. We all crave attention. And the recall value is only as good as your last hit..and blog-wise speaking it's been a while since I made mine. That should explain the heading...if anybody remembers me, or remembers that I was gone...

Now to what's been going on while I was gone. This could get really long so i'll just run it by like the news-ticker at the bottom of your tv screen...
Works been keeping me busy, working on my last project before I take off to a new arena...but I won't elaborate on all this, the blog is about insights on life and stuff like that..never got any such vibes from work or the workplace. 3 people'll miss me, the other 124 will never know I was there. A few may even be really happy...never know.

Nidhi's wedding was on 24th was fun, all the usual hooplah suits, new haircut (at the bride's insistence) . all the relatives, a little bit of responsibility thrown in. And I won't say I won't miss her...but then I can see it plain as day, she's really happy. So i'm happy.

Which brings me back to Su'...miss her more and more each day. I hate it that we have to live so far away...stupid geography. But things overall are going good...taking it to different levels as they say. We have our good times, our bad times, moments of paranoia, emotions tend to run haywire..but at the end of the day, I tell her I love her and that's what seems to matter.

Been hitting the books again, since there wasn't much writing to do so took to reading..."A thousand Splendid Suns" and "The Black Book". Simply Amazing. The first one I didn't expect much from when I started, but somewhere in the middle, Hosseini actually had me convinced that as a guy, even I could act like a bastard if I got the chance. The second one..i'm still on it..but I love the style of writing and it's got me hooked. Been reading chapters over and over to see if I missed out on anything. I love words...specially when they come together so beautifully.

Gave the big CAT on 18th morning. Was drinking beers 17th night. No comments. Period. Applying for IIM...Idiocy n Inefficiency Mandatory.And now i'll just blabber on the rest. Have been running into Docs and Dentists more than required lately and now i'm convinced of my theory that they are so nice in person because they know people are scared of them. People from my family have started bringing me wine and beers as gifts ( The beer was from Nidhi when she got back from her honeymoon!! ) i'm out of the closet..alcoholism-wise. The lizard in my room has got a companion..I can't make out if it's a girl or guy or whatever...but i'm jealous. I still can't seem to bring myself to delete that last pic of Isha...i'm in a double minded state there..if I keep it for memory or delete it to get over her. And that's about it for now...and i'll try be more regular now on. A bit of social service messages at the end..apparently you can get arrested for keeping that naughty sms you got last night and is still in your inbox ( Welcome to India!! ) , and the drinking age is lowered to now 16 year olds will be served as well...

By the way..when does your own space cease to be your own??