Saturday, November 1, 2008

Begin. End. Repeat.

Those of you who thought I was dead or something....tough luck, I'm still alive and unfortunately for those of you who're actually reading this, I'm still "thinking" enough to try and come back and write out the voices brimming over in this head of mine.

To the purists who claim that it's necessary to update blogs at regular intervals to uphold their sanctity...I apologize. I know three months is too long to be called a break.

Where was I all this while? Still trapped in this maze of life, trying to work my way through it. But the online "avatar" of it that most of us can't do without in this age.....just seemed to have been disconnected. It's not just the blog...I haven't read any other blogger's post in the last three months, with a couple of exceptions, left just one comment all this while, no Facebooks or Orkuts, no personal mails. I've been asked about when I'd get to update...only to end up either lying about it or ignoring the query altogether. People have put up missing signs for me out in cyberspace. It's not that I didn't have anything to write about, a lot has happened in the months that have passed, life has changed...and I could have worked something up, just didn't feel the inner urge to do so. Didn't feel there was really something going on in my mind that absolutely needed to be put into words. I would've called it a writer's block...but I'm not that creative so as to claim one. Let's just call it being extremely lazy...and that should wind up all of my excuses for now.
To borrow a thought from "Seinfeld"...this post is basically about NOTHING. Updates on life would take too long, given the sheer volume of the time that has passed since the last post. This is just an attempt to reclaim lost turf, trying to break back into the Blogger's skin. Maybe next time (it'll be no funny comments about that!!) I'll write something more interesting.

If anybody's wondering about the title...that is IF anybody's reading at's just something that's been in my mind for a while. How life is all about in a way it all comes to you in phases. The whole "What goes around comes back around" thing. How you always get another chance to make things work. And after this long sojourn, you could call this another "phase" for this blog. One which will be hopefully be a more interesting read for you people out there. One where for once, I'll think that I've written something that does completely satisfy me, word to word...unlike this post. One where I'm more regular with the posts (that's what they told me to say). :P
It's Saturday...and I really need to get out now. I'll be back pretty soon though...and I do hope some people do drop by. "Begin"'s done. "End"'s done. Repeat will be next time...till then, Cheers!!