Thursday, June 28, 2007

What Do Women Want??

The question is as old as time itself. Generations of men have squandered their lifetimes thinking of an accurate answer to this query, and have failed time after time again. Even the great Sigmund was stumped by this one (Or so they say....but i'm pretty sure he must have been!!). So, just out of curiosity...and to kill some time, I decided to put up this question in "Yahoo Answers:, just to see the people's replies...and there were quite a few interesting ones. Still, the mystery shrouds the enigma that is the woman's mind, but the answers do make for a good presenting the best picks from the lot...

"How about to be treated well, and regarded as individuals rather than being lumped together in a group that includes more than half the population? Just a thought. "

"Man, if I could tell you that, I would be superman."

"We want guys to love us a lot but we also need our own space, besides that i really want a double scoop jello mello ice-cream."

"For men to leave us the hell alone when we are trying to dance with our friends...For men to stop being babies and over sensitive and cry at movies....For men to stop going to the same salon we go to, to get facials....-growls-For men to stop spending more money on their hair products than they do on a car payment...BE MEN...STOP BEING OVERLY DRAMATIC DRAMA QUEENS WHO ARE "FEMININE"......BE MEN!!! REMEMBER MEN, SMELL THE MOTOR OIL DEAR...! "

"Women want to be love by someone who loves them.for who they are and not what they have to offer.Cause most women are just as lovely on the inside as they are on the don't take us women for granted."

"Women wants a person who loves, respect them, and also treats them nice. A women doesn't want a lazy, liar,cheater, and a man without a job. We want someone who knows how to treat us, comfort us ,and at the same time please us. we want to be treated like women not animals. sometimes queens. TREAT US HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. "

"All women are different but atleast for me...honesty, respect, affection, attention, someone to have fun with and oh and the sex has to be good!"

AND HERE'S PRESENTING THE PIE'CE DE RE'SISTANCE. The one I thought to be the most amusing of the lot....

"When you get this figured out please share it. I am 62 and have been married for 37 years and I still don't have a clue. To make matters even more confusing I raised 6 daughters and I still don't have a clue. But sometimes I have noticed that when they are unhappy over something they are usually fairly happy. "

Well, the judgement is have no specific idea about what women want. And the worst part is neither do the women. But that just adds to the fun of it all, doesn't it??

P.S. : Now, seriously..What do women want??

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Reality Bites..

Before signing out, if any of you guys reading this blog of mine ( I hope there are some of those!!) are wondering why I don't ever post any incidents or happenings from my everyday life out here...The reason is perfectly simple. My life is a drag, as boring as it could probably get (I hope!!). So if you want any readings from my life, from what it's like to be me.....pray that something interesting happens to me that I feel like writing about. Till then, read on the bits and pieces I've coined together.

She's all that...

I wonder if I really should be doing this, but in my 22 year old life, I never have really made sense...even to myself, so I think I will, eventhough I know she will probably read this real soon, might even be the first one to do so. But she's special, and if she knows that it's all the more better. It's amazing how, over the last few months, from two people totally unknown to each other, it's transformed to this ...where I can't really go without talking to her for a while, and when I do it feels wonderful, like the world makes sense again. And when I don't I really miss her. And I love it when she says that she misses me. you that mushy, cuddly feeling I , frankly, gave up on some time ago. But all of the love and joy she spreads is the kind you yearn for, the kind you get used to....and I guess it gets you addicted. I'm still holding my ground, i'm still on my feet, 'cause i know the road,the signals and the direction...But she'll be special to me.
She'll always be my "Red Riding Hood". :)

P.S.: If you're reading this....waiting for you really sucks!! But you already know that....

Just A Thought.

Love and Hate don't ever need a reason to exist....
Neither does insanity.


Well, once again the idiocy gets to me. The "Sunday Times' edit page was screaming it out we, as a society plagued with hypocrisy, have managed to transform sex from a three letter word to a building block for all the evils that haunt us today, to this devil never to be spoken of. From the people protesting against M F Hussain using nudity in his artistic works to some minister in MP asking to enforce a ban on some "vibrating condoms" because he thinks it's degenerative to the society, the message is loud and clear. Sex is something never to be heard or talked about, never mind that there are a billion and more of us out there (wonder how that came about to be??). Outside of our bedrooms, we are all supposed to behave like stoic purist virgins, condemning anything that has even got a hint of any sexual innuendo, scoffing our disapproval at anything that goes against our "culture". But really, these guys must really think that our thinking abilities must be amazingly degenerative or that we are stupidly gullible...that can be the only reason that they're implying that all this no-frills-sex talk is destroying our "culture". If a culture is made out of such weak moral fibre that a sketch of two girls about to kiss (Yeah..the LEE Straight Jeans campaign was banned too!!) or a stupid condom can shake it's roots, I wonder if it's a culture worth fighting for. And I, as a rationale, thinking, human being feel violated. Plato said "Give me the power to think, but also give me the freedom to be heard". Moreover wasting time and media space over such trivial issues doesn't make sense when there are much graver things to think about. If you want stricter punishments for rapists and paedophiles, or stop illegal sex trafficking, or do something about prevention of AIDS , or come up with something to control the population, I'm all for,that would make sense to me. But to insinuate that pleasure has got nothing to do with sex.....c'mon!!!

Days Go By...

I sub conciously always knew this would happen someday, or perhaps it's been years since this happened, it's only that the realisation has dawned upon me now (glory be!!) ...but it seems i've lost all sense of time. Days turn into nights and back into days again.... and all this while I'm watching time crawl by in slow motion, until I remember something to do...that's when it revvs up at such a fast pace that it reminds me of those psychedelic dreams you get when you're really stoned....everything's moving at snail's pace one moment and at the speed of light in the next. And all this while, I'm there, trying to reinforce in my mind that this is all really happening....time really is passing me by, the moment will be gone before I realise that I've actually lived it. But before I know it, the moment is gone....lost forever, never to return again. I keep losing days complaining how nothing ever happens that I would like to remember forever, how I am so bored of the way life's progressing...and think to myself tomorrow will be better. But before I know it, tomorrow is yesterday and i'm still at ground zero. Maybe they aren't so wrong when they say "Live for the moment." I'm still trying to figure out what that means, but the words do make life to live, and i'll live each moment of it. And someday "time" will actually mean something to me...something more than a couple of hands of the clock moving cordially in circles to make up the motions.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Who Cares??

Basically I'm complicated
I have a hard time taking the easy way
I wouldn't call it schizophrenia
But I'll be at least two people today

If that's okay

And I can go on and on and on... but who cares?

It's deep how you can be so shallow
And I'm afraid cause I have no fear
And I didn't believe in magic
Until I watched you disappear
I wish you were here

And I can go on and on and on... but who cares?

You see, everybody is somebody
But nobody wants to be themselves
And If I ever wanted to understand me
I'll have to talk to someone else

Cause every little bit helps

And I can go on and on and on... but who cares?

( From " Gnarles Barkley - Who Cares " )