Sunday, May 6, 2007

Of Grey Clouds And Silver Linings...

Strange, isn't it?? Just when you start thinking that life couldn't get any better, just when you've nestled into this cosy feeling that everything's perfect, when you think all the ghosts of the past have been exorcised....That is the exact time fate chooses to break open the vault and all the skeletons of a tainted past come all tumbling out. Sometimes, I think that God is like a kid with a magnifying glass playing in the sun, and we're the ants. His intentions are not evil, he doesn't really want to hurt us, he just likes to see us scurrying around trying to dodge the trouble. And that's what life is turning out to be...about how long you can dodge your troubles and stay in the shade.

But then, maybe it's a good thing that fate deals with us in the way it does, bringing out the past...making you stand face to face with it. Because if you've done that and come out of it unscarred, that's a big thing, it makes you a better person and it takes care of your conscience...which is a major thing. So just keep this in mind, next time the sky is totally clear and you think it's spring, the dark clouds will inevitably arrive...but then, every grey cloud will also have a silver lining.

World Of Words.

I am an artist,
Dancing to the music...
Of my own words.

Creating upon a page
A world of my own,
Living my life...
Engulfed in a world of words.

"Bheja" Fried!!!

"Bheja Fry"...The sleeper hit of the season. Most of you guys might have watched it, and most of them will agree with me when I say that it's a good movie...and those of you unlucky souls who haven't caught it yet, I'd recommend it. Now, before you people jump to any conclusions and start thinking that I've started doing movie reviews in the blog....that is not what this is about. This has to do with this article in this newspaper that i ran across last week...and the sheer stupidity I feel that's attached to it. Well, apparently some of the hindi profanities in the movies have been bleeped out from the movie, and the reasoning that the "Oh-So-Rationale" Censor Board has given for it is that the "C" word ( I won't say the whole words 'cause this blog is meant for family viewing!!) sounds so vulgar that it has to be bleeped out even in a movie that has an A rating.

Now, I compare this to another movie, "A Perfect Stranger" that came around the same time...Loads of semi-nudity, sexual and graphic violence and a bunch load of profanities, "F" words and all. But there was no editing done. The reason? Well, apparently the moral police has double standards. They are under the notion that the "F" word is more of a cool slang than a means of verbal abuse...and sexual nuances in english movies are acceptable because they're essential to the plot. But, our poor lil' local cousin...the "C" word is bleeped out because it has not been endorsed by rockstars and celebrities...unlike the "F" word. It sounds so cheap and vulgar that even a forty year old guy can't bear to hear it....leave alone the fact that if you wanna hear it shouted out all you have to do is stand at a street corner for half an hour, and nine times out of ten, you'll hear it. So all I say is if you guys think it's against our moralities to hurl abuses, then don't play partial just because people have defined one word as "cool" and the other as "cheap". The director of the movie was only being true to real life, those abuses are a real part of our daily lexicon, wether you guys want to accept it or not...don't penalise him for that.

In the end, all that I'll say is that the whole thing just shows what a bunch of hypocrites and a load of suckers these guys are, thinking that anything coming out of the west has to be good, even if it's crap. Which reminds me of the movie tagline for "Bheja Fry"...."Have you ever met an idiot??". Well, if you have not, just amble around to the office of the censor board...You're sure to meet some there.